H Type Polyimide Film

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Shanghai, China (Mainland)
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H Type Polyimide Film
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H Type Polyimide Film
Insulation Film, H Type Polyimide Film
High Temperature, Electronics,Flexible Printed Circuits,Insulation
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Tensile Strength:
Temperature resistance,Voltage resistance
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H Type Polyimide Film Packing:
Width Core Type Core Size 7-20mm Plastic 3 inch (76 mm) 20-1000mm Paper 3 inch (76 mm)
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Within 7 Working Days

Product Name    H Type Polyimide Film 

H Polyimide Film


Polyimide H film is synthesized by polymerizing PMDA and ODA in strong polar solvents through

 the process of film forming and imine treatment at high temperature, which possesses excellent 

physical, chemical, and electrical properties; it is also radiation resistant, solvent resistant, low & 

high temperature resistant, It can be applied successfully in a wide range of temperature as low 

as -452F (-269c) and as high as +500F (+260c). Thanks to its unique excellent properties, 

it is the ideal candidate in many applications.


FPC polyimide Film


The FPC Polyimide Film is synthesized by polymerizing an aromatic dianhhydride and an

aromatic diamine. It has an excellent balance of electrical, thermal, mechanical, physical, 

and chemical properties over a wide temperature range (from_269(_452) to 400(752)).

In particular, it is high_temperature resistant and exhibits excellent thermal stability.


FH&FHF Polyimide Film


The Polyimide FEP Film is a dry adhesive tape, which is made by a polyimide film coated with Teflon

FEP fluoropolymer adhesive on one side(FH) or both sides (FHF) upon high-temperature 

baking. Overall speaking,this film combines the excellent properties of Polyimide film and FEP(F46) 

resin, and it has a unique balance of excellent electrical, thermal durability, and chemical properties 

over a wide range of temperatures.It resists both high and low temperatures, radiation, and it is

mechanically and electrically stable. In addition,it is self-adhesive. It also acts as a moisture barrier 

which enhances the chemical corrosion resistance.





Process for producing Polyimdie Tape for High Temperature Masking of Metal Material


Resin synthetise—-filter—cast—-imidization—rolling—inspection—-slitting—package

1 Resin synthetise

Synthetise PAA with 3 raw materials of PMDA ODA and DMAC after chemical reaction.

2 Filter
Bubble clearing in bubble clearing pan after filter. Second time filter after bubble is cleared.

3 casting
Resin is casted on the belt through mould. Slicked resin is circled in hot wind in order to solvent evaporation and some imidization. The preliminary dry film (PAA film)  is conveyed to the front peel roll of casting machine and peeled off.

4 Imidization
Imidization process is heat imidization. Film peeled off from cast machine is imidized in imidization oven in high temperature. PAA film is transfromed into PI . In imidization, film is strengthed in CD, then the film is rolled.

5 Dry film temperature and  machine speed.


How Customer Using High Performance Polyimide Film ?

I used it with my new ’hot air’ rework station for SMT electronics.
Kept me from crisping parts that I was not working on.

How Customer Using High Performance Polyimide Film ?

I used the tape as insulation over the motor, it was easy to use and the tape stuck well.

How Customer Using Polyimide Film Tape

I do a lot of work on laptops, computers, and various other electronics. If you need to tape down cables inside a computer, than you simply need this tape.

How Customer Using  High Performance Polyimide Film ?

Using it for a 3D printer and it is thin

How Customer Using Polyimide Film Tape

I bought this tape for my 3d printer and it’s pretty good. It does smell pretty bad when it gets hot which didn’t happen with my old polyimide tape so I’m sort of suspicious about the quality.

How Customer Using High Performance Polyimide Film ?

I’m using this on top of my heated plate for a 3D printer. ABS sticks to it very well with a bed temperature of 70C.

How Customer Using High Performance Polyimide Film ?

It is heat resistant, and will never degrade, so you never have to worry about sticky residue on your circuit boards. The tape is strong, yet peels off easily, making for the perfect tape in electronics. There is no substitute for polyimide tape, and if you  like me and do a lot of electronics work, than this tape is a ‘must-have’.

How Customer Using High Performance Polyimide Film ?

This tape is awesome. One of the reasons I got it was to cover the glass on my print-bed to print on with my 3D printer. I have had the same layer of tape on it for months and it works great.

How Customer Using High Performance Polyimide Film ?

This stuff does work. If you need a durable, high temperature tape, this is it.

Just what I need for repairing on our 3D printer. Holding wires, patching splits in the print surface.

How Customer Using High Performance Polyimide Film ?

I have been looking for a small yet durable tape to use on my project where I am soldering 60+ surface mount components. This roll of tape has been a life saver when it comes to holding down parts safely, and allowing me to properly solder in all of the connections. There is more than enough tape on the roll to get through any project, and the size is perfect when dealing with 32 pin chips. Holds up to heat quite well (iron temp at 300*F), sticks strong, peels off easy. If you are working on a project like me with a lot of surface mount parts, order a bunch of these rolls, they are invaluable!


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We truly believe in long term relationship with our clients and our motto is customer satisfaction. We always believe in supplying best quality products at most reasonable price. 


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Not just a pretty amber colored film  Biaxial Oriented Polyimide Film

Polyimide (PI) film not only can fully meet any general requirements of a wide variety of industrial applications, but it also possess the unique characteristics of high tensile strength, high-wear tolerance, high-temperature tolerance, and anti-corrosion.  PI completely meets the industrial design requirement of modern consumer's electronics, while at the same time, has always been a standard electrical insulation material for decades. It is the high temperature insulation material properties that enable PI film to have absolute competitive advantage over all others.


Polyimide, abbreviated as PI, is a polymer material with imide group. The reaction mechanism involves the addition of diamines and dianhydrides to form polyamic acid, abbreviated as PAA, and then react into polyimide after high temperature, imidization and dehydration.


Because of the excellent thermal, mechanical and chemical properties, PI is always the best choice when specifying high performance polymer materials, especially for applications in electronic and integrated circuit industries that have strict materials specification. PI is in the position of key materials, such as high temperature tape, IC passivation coating, LCD alignment layer, and insulated materials, etc.


Striving to be the best supplier of high performance polymeric films, We continually strengthen its techniques on research, development and production, persistently producing high value-added product while building up strategic alliance with related industries and individual companies outstanding in their respective fields. We will reinforce its logistics and distribution system that focus on the global market to keep the latest market status for achieving just-in-time supplies and fast after-sales service aiming at being an international partner, not just a domestic vendor.


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Mold slot wedgeLow
Reason: lengthwise and crosswise direction do not have reinforced material ,so after some time of using ,it will be fragile
Pultrusion slot wedgeLow
Reason: the horizontal /crosswise do not have reinforced material , only the lengthwise have.
Laminate slot wedge (ours)High
Reson : both the lenghwise and the crosswise direction have the reinforced material ,so it is not so fragile



Frequently asked questions:                    

(1). Q: Can you give me a discount price?

A: It is depending on the volume. The larger the volume is, the more discount you can enjoy.

(2). Q: Why is your price a bit higher than other Chinese suppliers?

 A: To meet the requirement of different customers and areas, our factory manufactures various kinds of quality for each item at a wide range of price. We can offer the products of different quality levels depending on customer’s target price and quality requirement.
(3). Q: How can I get a sample?

A: Normally small samples can be sent free of charge and customers just need to bear a little shipping charge, or you can provide your DHL,FEDEX,EMS,UPS courier account number to us. For bigger sizes, it depends.

(4). Q: How can you guarantee the quality of mass production is same with the sample sent to me before?

A: Our warehouse staff will leave another same sample in our company, with your company name marked on it, which our production will be based on.

(5). Q: How can you deal with quality issues that customer feedback after receiving the goods?

1) Customers take photos of unqualified goods and then our sales staff will send them to Engineering Department to verify. 

2) If the issue is confirmed, our sales staff will explain the root cause and take corrective actions in coming orders.

3) Finally, we will negotiate with our customers to make some compensation.