PMMA Plastic Tube

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Shanghai, China (Mainland)
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PMMA Plastic Tube
PMMA, Acrylic,PMMA
UV resistance,Excellent Optical Clarity
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A Grade
PMMA Plastic Tube
laser engraving & cutting and vacuum-forming
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Heat Resistance:
80 Centigrade
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Packaging Details
PMMA Plastic Tube packing:
Graft paper or brown paper or PE film on both side of sheet, wood pallets will be packed in the container
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Wihtin 7 Working Days


PMMA Plastic Tube
1.High transparency,easy processing
2.Impact resistant&Hiding lightsource power
3.Accept OEM&ODM

Product Name:  PMMA Plastic Tube  



PMMA is an amorphous, transparent and colourless thermoplastic that is hard and stiff but brittle and notch-sensitive. It has good abrasion and UV resistance and excellent optical clarity but poor low temperature, fatigue and solvent resistances. Though flammable, it has low smoke emission. General purpose grades can be extruded and injection moulded.Extrudedoffers good clarity at an economical price and Cast offers consistent and superior clarity for more high tech applications. There are over 75 sizes of tubing, rods, shapes and geometric forms.


High light transmission

Low inner reflection

Impact resistant

Diffused light spread
Hiding light source power


Moulding Pipe
Pipe Size(mm):
Φ 40, Φ 45, Φ 50, Φ 60, Φ 70, Φ 76, Φ 80, Φ 90, Φ 100, Φ 110, Φ 120, Φ 125, Φ 130, Φ 140, Φ 150, Φ 160, Φ 170, Φ 180, Φ 193, Φ 200, Φ 210, Φ 225, Φ 240, Φ 250, Φ 300, Φ 350, Φ 400, Φ 450, Φ 500, Φ 530, Φ 600, Φ 700, Φ 800, Φ 900, Φ 1000
Wail Thickness: 3-30 Length: 1000-2000


General Lighting

Railway Lighting

Tube Lighting

Bathroom Lighting

Office Lighting

Trade Fair Design


Illuminated Advertising


Technical Profiles



1.How UV and weather-resistant is PMMA?

Crystal-clear PMMA shows excellent resistance to aging and weathering, including natural UV radiation. Therefore they do not turn yellow or become brittle even after many years of outdoor exposure to various climates around the world. PMMA retains its superior optical and mechanical properties for many years.


2.What is the chemical resistance (compatibility) of PMMA?

PMMA is generally characterized by good chemical resistance. Parts made from PMMA are resistant to most inorganic chemicals, aliphatic hydrocarbons, cycloaliphatic compounds, fats and oils at room temperature, and also to diluted acids and concentrated solutions of most alkalis at temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius. By contrast, PMMA is attacked by chlorinated hydrocarbons, ketones, esters, ethers, alcohols and aromatic compounds.


3.How abrasion-resistant is PMMA?

PMMA shows the greatest surface hardness and thus the best abrasion resistance of all thermoplastics. The high gloss is therefore retained even after prolonged utilization.


4.How does cast and extruded PMMA differ in terms of their properties?

Optical properties

Since cast PMMA is manufactured by cell casting between two sheets of mirror-like glass, it has excellent surface quality. Extruded PMMA is manufactured in a special extrusion process and therefore cannot always match the high optical quality of cast PMMA.


Cast PMMA offers greater scope for fabrication, which means the machining conditions do not have to be observed with such accuracy. Less scope is available with extruded PMMA, and care must be taken to ensure the correct tools are used in order to obtain clean cuts and drill holes, if necessary using cooling lubricants.


Extruded PMMA allows more economical solutions during thermoforming because the forming cycles are shorter and contours can be more accurately reproduced.

Permanent service temperature

The permanent service temperature of cast PMMA is 85 degrees Celsius (°C), about 10°C higher than extruded PMMA.

Chemical resistance

Owing to its higher molecular weight, cast PMMA shows better chemical resistance.

5.How does PMMA behave towards water?

PMMA absorbs about 1.2 percent (%) water in humid ambient air and about 2% when stored in water. That means a one-meter-long (m) sheet of PMMA expands by about 1 to 2 mm, depending on how it is stored. The increase in volume due to water absorption is taken into account in the recommended expansion allowance of about 5 mm/m sheet length for PMMA.

6.Is there a guarantee for PMMA sheet products?

Typically PMMAmanufacturers guarantee their products for 10 years and a number of producers guarantee for up to 30 years,

against yellowing and retaining high light transmission for 30 years.


7.What are the differences between PMMA and other plastic materials that appear very similar?

PMMA is the clearest plastic with a very good mechanical and UV stability. The machining is easy. Furthermore the flexibility of the production process allow us to produce a wide range of colour and specific properties in small volumes (impact, food contact, easy forming, surface effect,....)


8.Can PMMA be recycled?

Unlike many other plastics, PMMAcan be readily recycled all the way back to the original raw material (Methyl Methacrylate) which can be reused with almost no impact on quality.

Mechanical recycling means that parts made from PMMA can be ground and repelletized after correct separation, and reintroduce into the processing cycle. Since the recycling process leaves the original properties of PMMA more or less intact, the products manufactured from recycled material are of the same high quality as the original ones.

Chemical recycling is a process in which PMMA is reduced to its original monomer unit of methyl methacrylate, from which new PMMA or methacrylate dispersions/emulsions, for example, are built.

Both chemical and mechanical recycling are ways of obtaining high-quality material again from a high-quality product. Naturally, the optical appearance may suffer from impurities introduced during reprocessing.

In thermal recycling - if correctly incinerated - PMMA only gives rise to water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2), i.e. no pollutant emissions. From this point of view, it is even superior to fossil fuels, which contain sulfur etc.


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PP Tubings (From 1mm upto 10mm)

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